How to make a Reptile Fogger

Today we will be showing you how to make your own reptile fogger, Much like the Repti Fogger by ZooMed.

For this you will need the following items:

  1.  Ultra Sonic Humidifier (From Walgreens). $39.99
  2. 1/2in. Rubber Tubing $7.99
  3. 1/2in. wide, 2 inch long plastic adapter (wide enough to fit your tube inside one end, and fit the other inside the humidifier’s opening). $2.00
  4. 1/2in. T-Connector (optional, only if you want the fog to go to more then one cage). $3.00
The grand total for me was $52.98, So I saved $7.01 by making it myself, and in my opinion a better fogger. The reason I am using the Ultra Sonic Humidifier, is because it creates a Cool fog, meaning it does not heat up the water, therefore your animal is at no risk of getting burned. It is also nice that the fog all comes out from the same place.
Conecting for a home made reptile fogger

Plastic adapter used to make the fog go into the tubing.

Step 1. Take the plastic adapter ( pictured on left), and you want to silicone that to the fogger. You want to place it where the fog comes out (Pictured to the right).

Step 2. Take the Rubber tubing and cut it so it can go from the Fogger to the cage. I always cut a little at a time. You can always have too much but you can ever undo a cut.

Fogger with the Plastic adapter installed.

Step 3.(Skip to step 4 if you are only going to use this with one cage). Here is the Optional part: If youwant to use this humidifier with more than one cage, you will need to use a T-Connector. So the way it works is you plug the tube from the fogger, into the #1 slot, then you want to cut tubing to go from the two tanks. and place them in #2 and #3.

T-connector to connect once tube to two more.

T-connector to connect once tube to two more.

Step 4. Now that you have everything set up, you want to make a hole in the top of your cage, so you can have a way for the fog to get in.

You now have a homemade reptile fogger. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.