Bell Albino Leopard Gecko (AKA Florida Albino)

Eye Color :Marble Eye
Pattern :Blizzard
Color :Melanistic (Black)
Genetic :Polygenic (AKA Line Bred)
Size Range :8-11 inch | 20-28 cm
Weight Range :2.11-2.82 oz | 60-80 g
Lifespan :10 - 20 years
Price Range :USD $400 - USD $5,000

Also known as Florida Albinos (little known and little used), it is the most recent of the 3 strains of albinism it was discovered by Mark Bell. The best way to distinguish a Bell Albino is to look at the color of their eyes, which tend to be very light pink. Their bodies tend to have brown spots on a yellowish orange background and some beautiful specimens develop the Lavender hue (a light lavender purple). This phase is currently being worked on by many breeders to develop new morphs (such as the Bell Blazing Blizzard).