Blizzard Leopard Gecko

Eye Color :Eclipse Eyes
Pattern :Blizzard
Color :Leucistic
Genetic :Recessive
Size Range :8-11 inch | 20-28 cm
Weight Range :2.11-2.82 oz | 60-80 g
Lifespan :10 - 20 years
Price Range :USD $70 - USD $300

What is a blizzard leopard gecko?

The Blizzard morph, found in 1995, is very similar to the Murphy Patternless morph. Like the Murphy Patternless morph, the Blizzard morph is a simple recessive morph. As hatchlings, Blizzards are completely patternless and their colors will vary from white, to yellow, to a deep purple. As they grow older, most change within the color scale mentioned previously. The darker Blizzards are usually marketed as Midnight Blizzards, but there seems to be nothing which controls the dark pigments. The more yellow Blizzards are often marketed as Banana Blizzards, but a true Banana Blizzard is a Murphy Patternless Blizzard. Another trait which seems to randomly pop up with Blizzards is Snake Eyes or solid eyes. As of right now, there is nothing genetic behind the Snake Eyes or Eclipse Eyes in Blizzards. Most people have them randomly pop up.

Blizzard Crosses

There are many different Blizzard combinations out there. Currently the most popular are the Diablo BlancosR.A.P.T.O.R.s crossed with Blizzards and Super Snow Blizzards or Mack Snow Blizzards. The Diablo Blancos were first developed by Ron Tremper in 2006. The appearance of a Diablo Blanco is a solid white body with solid red eyes. The Mack Snow and Super Snow Blizzards look like Blizzards, but tend to have a frosty coloring to them.

The more common Blizzard cross available on the market right now are Blazing Blizzards. Blazing Blizzards are Blizzards who have been crossed with Albinos. Currently, there are only Rainwater Blazing Blizzards and Tremper Blazing Blizzards. Kelli Hammack from Hiss has produced one Bell Blazing Blizzard, but it died soon after hatching. So far, that has been the only Bell Blazing Blizzard.


How much is a blizzard leopard gecko?

Range between $100 to $5,000.


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